Lessons learned during dinner with an expat from Odessa

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Q & A:

The benefits of remaining vulnerable even in the face of challenge.

  1. What’s the value of vulnerability? Well, being soft and bending with life, rather than against it, has it’s rewards. When we soften, we allow. When…

On Overcoming Fear and Uncertainty.

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  1. Know thyself. Or better yet, get to know thyself. If you’re anything like me, and you’ve fruitfully depended on your partners, friends, lovers, mothers, parents to decide for you, STOP. (Are you sure it’s a good idea?) Stop that. Get to know yourself: your own interests, likes and dislikes, preferences and disdains, and HONOR those things fearlessly.
  2. Get used to saying the word “NO.” No, I would not like to go there. No, I would not like that second helping of green beans. No, I won’t go out with you, but I’m flattered, thank you. No…

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Laura Khait

Writing stories, from my perspective, trying to make them universally applicable. Hope you can relate.

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